Cam belts control the timing of your engine, allowing it to keep turning smoothly. On average, cam or timing belts should be replaced every 60,000 miles or every 5 years - your owner's manual can give you more specific recommendations for your model, or you can ask us for advice.

Suspension and Steering

It's important to have regular checks on your suspension and steering, as often as every 6 months. Steering components can be knocked out of alignment by speed humps and potholes, and poor steering puts yourself and your family at risk of accident. The suspension's most noticeable function is creating a smooth ride for you, but suspension also has an influence on steering and drive. The main cause of suspension problems is simply time: most of the moving parts are made of rubber and can dry out and crack over a period of time. We check the suspension and steering fully as part out our routine servicing. We'll carry out repairs where necessary to make sure that you remain as safe and comfortable as possible.

Clutch repair and replacemen

Are you finding it hard to engage gear? Hear that classic crunching noise? Sometimes a failed clutch will make it impossible to engage any gear at all. Juddering during the pull-away can also be a tell-tale sign. However, the most definitive sign is a noticeable burning smell. That smell tells you that the clutch is under severe strain and may need to be checked. Another good clue is if the RPM increases when you press the throttle, but your car or van's speed does not increase at a similar rate. Burned out clutches fail to fully transfer the engine's power to the wheels.

Exhaust & Catalytic Converter service and repairs

The exhaust system job is to remove harmful gas away from the inside your car, it also reduce the noise made by your engine. If the exhaust system is leaking it is important to have it repaired to prevent any harmful gas from entering your car. If you suspect or you are just not sure that there is a fault with your exhaust system just give us a call for a free exhaust system check.

Get your wheels lined up right

Your car wheels can get misaligned in different ways. Everyday driving over speed humps will eventually affect the alignment, driving against a kerb or hitting a pothole can knock a wheel out altogether. The problem can also be caused by issues with your steering or suspension. If you notice your steering wheel is misaligned, or it feels like you steering is pulling to one side your steering could do with checking to make sure its ok but it could be some thing as simple as a underinflated tyre.

Engine Diagnostics

Noticed a little warning light come on on your dashboard lately? The Engine Management Light means that the ECU (cars computer) has detected a problem. If this happens, it's important to bring your car in as soon as possible. It may be something dangerous, so don't take the risk - get in touch right away.